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Induction melting furnaces are used for melting various metals – like iron, steel, brass, aluminum, or precious metals.

1. Determine your production goal

The capacity of the induction furnaces ranges from a small furnace to more than a few tons. That is why determining your production goal is an important step. You can start by selecting your desired process time, melting capacity, and spatial requirements.

2. Turn to a company with years of experience

Since induction melting equipment is expensive, you should carefully choose the manufacturer. Induction Technology Corporation has more than 40 years of experience within the induction melting industry. We have been involved in many projects with challenging manufacturing goals. Our clients are leading companies in the Foundry, Refinery, and Vacuum melting sectors. All our furnaces are manufactured in the USA, but we can provide global support through our partners and affiliated companies in South America, Europe, and Asia. 

3. Invest in technologically advanced solutions

Technologically advanced induction melting solutions improve productivity, lower operating costs, and deliver better results. Our induction melting power generators can predict and prevent downtime for a more effective and low-maintenance induction melting process.

Induction Technology Corporation Induction melting power generators have the following benefits:

  • Real-time process monitoring and quality control to reduce waste
  • Various alerts which prevent costly repairs and unplanned downtime
  • Process automation operator is not directly involved in the process
  • A pre-programmed process improves the quality of the final product
  • Available easy updates of the hardware and firmware

4. Choose equipment that is easy to operate

Consider the time and resources required to train your employees on how to use the new equipment. Adapting to intuitive and advanced technologies is easy and allows you to quickly train your team and run your production operations in full capacity.


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