Controlling water quality is the “Secret” to trouble free operation and long life of induction equipment. Severe damage from electrolysis, scaling, blockage and overheating can result from poor water quality. The best way to prevent these problems is with a Closed Loop Water Cooling and Recirculation System where water conductivity and cleanliness can be maintained. ITC can offer the right  cooling system based on your geographical location and specific usage. The proper cooling system will extend the life of the equipment, reduce down time and maintenance costs.

coolling systems for induction equipment

Water Cooling Towers & Chillers

water pump module

Dual & Single Pumping Module

Control for water and air coolling system

Compact Motor Control Center

Water Cooling and Recirculating Systems

ITC water cooling and recirculating systems consist of a water pumping module for recirculating the water throughout the system, a cooling tower for cooling the temperature of the water and electrical controls for operating the system. The electrical controls can be supplied in an NEMA-12 steel enclosure.

Please note: A closed-loop water cooling and recirculating system is required if customer’s existing external water system is not a closed-loop system that is maintained at an electrical conductivity of less than 250 micromhos/cm. We cannot be responsible for damage resulting from poor water quality of high conductivity. Using poor quality water will void our warranty and be detrimental to the reliabliltiy of your induction equipment.


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