Billet heating furnaces

The induction billet heating furnace is the first and only furnace capable of heating billets directly without going through the time-consuming and expensive conventional heat-treating furnace process.

The induction billet heating furnace allows for the production of billets ready for forging, extruding, hot forming, and other secondary processes. Induction billet heating furnaces are primarily used for heating steel billets and can be used at both steel mills and metal fabricators. Billet heating is also used for heating billets made out of copper, aluminum, or other non-ferrous metals and alloys.

The induction billet heating furnace can heat the billet to temperatures ranging from room temperature to over 1500 degrees Fahrenheit (815°C). The heating temperature can be controlled manually by the operator or automatically by a temperature controller. The furnace can run continuously or can be set up to heat the billet to a specific temperature and then the billet is removed from the furnace.

The induction billet heating furnace uses very little power until the billet is placed in the furnace. When the billet is placed in the furnace, the induction coil is powered up. The power to the coil is turned off when the billet is removed from the furnace. This makes the induction furnaces very energy efficient.

The induction billet heating furnace is also safer than other furnaces. The induction coil is completely contained within the steel shell and is isolated from the part via a refractory coating. There is no chance of hot slag or other materials from the furnace contaminating the room. There is also no chance of the induction coil coming in contact with the billet or the operator.

The induction billet heating furnace has many benefits to both steel mills and fabricators.

Benefits of induction billet heating furnace:

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Lower operating costs and increased productivity
  • Smaller footprint than traditional furnaces
  • Increased product uniformity and quality

Billet heating systems from ITC

With one of the most advanced and patented modular induction power supplies and over 40 years of building induction billet heating furnaces, Induction Technology offers its customers unmatched induction technology and efficiency.

Using SmartPower module induction heating power supply allows for customizable power control over the coil sections and allows forging customers to use the furnace with different billet diameters and production rates.

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