Single & Dual Water Pump Module

Both types are designed for closed-loop type water cooling and recirculating systems. The Single Pumping Module includes 1 water pump. The Dual Pumping Module includes 1 main water pump and 1 stand-by water pump. These water pumping modules are designed for maintaining proper water flow as the water is recirculated throughout your induction system.

Single Water Pumping Module


  • Rugged heavy duty tubular steel frame

  • Completely pre-piped and tested for easy installation

  • Close coupled, all bronze or stainless steel pump.

  • All copper piping

  • 230/460 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, TEFC Motor

  • Pre-wired Manual Motor Starter with OL’s

  • Isolation ball valves with unions or flange connectors for easy pump replacement without draining system

  • Pressure gauges on suction & discharge

  • Bladder type expansion tank

  • Antifreeze fill fitting on inlet side of pump

Single water pump

Optional Features

  • 380 or 600 Volt, 50 or 60 Hz Motor

  • Electrical enclosure with fuses, motor starters and controls for Pump & Cooler can be mounted to frame (see Compact Motor Control brochure)

  • Deionizer Cartridge and Conductivity monitor mounted and connected to system

  • Emergency gasoline or propane engine driven back up pump

  • Full flow filter

Dual Water Pumping Module

The Dual Pump Water Module has the same features as the Single Pump Water Module, the following are additions:


  • ¾ Inch FTP makeup line with pressure regulator and relief valves

  • The electrical control contains PLC circuity connected to automatically transferring pumps and activate a horn and rotating light in case of a main operating pump failure

Dual water pump

Optional Features

  • Motors can be supplied for 380 or 600 Volt 3 Phase 50 or 60Hz

  • Water Conductivity Meter/ Controller with De-ionizer Cartridge assembly mounted and connected


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