Small Lift & Swing Melting Furnace


This induction melting furnace has a capacity of up to 30lbs/ 13kg for melting steel, using a double ceramic crucible in the crucible, ideal for investment casting. As well as, 50lbs/ 22kg capacity for brass, non-ferrous metals, clay, graphite melting. This can be done using either silicon carbide or machined graphite crucible. The lift and swing furnace has a built-in splash containment shield and refractory lined spill pan. It is powered by a single airline connection to a 100psi/ 6.89bar source, additionally, both the water and power connections can be placed on either side. It is equipped with a movable foot-operated control valve and allows to be easily moved when not in use. The air over oil hydraulic cylinder lift provides smooth operation.

Optional Features

  • Crucible lifting tongs

lift and swing melting furnace

Large Lift & Swing Melting Furnace


The key element of the furnace is the lifting mechanism. When in the upwards position, it swings in excess of 90 degrees to the left or right in order to fully access the crucible. The hydraulic operation from the integral or external mounted hydraulic pump provide a smooth lift. The lift and swing melting furnace comes supplied with crucible pedestals and refractory lined spill pans. Additionally, it is possible to be manufactured to accommodate from #50 to #225 bilge crucibles. A fume collector ring is built into the furnace, which can be connected to a dust collector. A foot-operated control valve is available and located in the front center of the furnace.

Optional Features

  • A crucible lifting basket that can be used with an overhead hoist

  • Either for lifting and manual two-man pouring or manual two-man lifting and pouring

Induction melting furnace for non-ferrous alloys

EZ Lift Melting Furnace


This lift induction melting furnace has a capacity of up to 30 lbs/ 13kg for steel melting, using double ceramic ‘crucible in crucible’, ideal for investment casting. As well as a capacity of up to 50 lbs/ 22kg for brass with single clay graphite crucible. While for non-ferrous applications either machined graphite or silicon carbide crucibles. The rugged design is counter-weighted for easy up & down operations, for which no air or hydraulics are required. The furnace has a cast refractory spill containment table, as well as a built in crucible pedestal block. Additionally a replaceable refractory crucible pedestal is included and a custom coil can be designed to match the power supply. The furnace can stand freely and can be easy moved out when not in use.

Optional Features

  • Crucible tongs

Lift melting furnace


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