Induction Technology Corporation (ITC) designs and develops custom induction melting equipment. Contact us about your individual project requirements.

Custom Cube Melting Furnace

A custom ITC Power Cube induction melting furnace, with a nominal capacity of 95 kg Aluminum. This furnace features a “through the bottom” pouring system via crucible port with a plunger (sealing rod) and an isostatic pressure refractory lid which allows inert gas shielding and purge throughout the melt cycle. The inert system also aids to force material from the crucible during the pouring cycle. The furnace is beneficial because its design allows for >90% melt efficiencies and protects the customer’s process from external contaminates that can affect their specialized metal production. It also features:

  • An on-board hydraulic pump with an integrated system for controlling furnace tilt & lid
  • Rail system with vibration dampening casters for maneuvering furnace position
custom cube melting furnace
custom shell melting furnace

Custom Shell Melting Furnace

A custom-designed steel shell melting furnace with a nominal capacity of 2.5 metric tons Aluminum. It features an axial aligned pouring system and isostatic pressure lid, which allows atmospheric inert shielding throughout the entire melt and pouring cycle. This design is beneficial because it allows the customer to produce high purity, oxygen-sensitive Aluminum alloys with strengths comparable to steel at 1/3 the weight. It also features:

  • A fully integral hydraulic system that protects hydraulic lines from accidental damage via metal splash, pinching, or falling debris.

  • Refractory lining Push-Out system, allowing quick removal of an exhausted liner expediting the exchange process getting the customer back to melting in approximately half the time of traditional systems.


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