Have you ever wondered what is the most important thing to do when one day you must rebuild your induction melting furnaces?

The following are some tips for hiring a reliable company that you can trust:

Tip #1: Ensure that you are hiring a company specializing in rebuilding induction melting furnaces. This is especially important because of the specific knowledge and experience it takes to rebuild an induction melting furnace properly.

Tip #2: Ask for references. Call the references and ask about the quality of work, how long it took to get the furnace repaired, and if they would use the company again.

Tip #3: Ask for a demonstration. Most companies will gladly demonstrate their repair work. Ask to see some pictures of their previous work.

Here is one of our latest complete rebuilds, a 500lb ITC Power Cube Induction Furnace.

rebuild 500lp ITC Power Cube