ITC Designed & Manufactured Melting System

This comprehensive melting system includes a power supply, a furnace that can be hydraulically tilted, a modular wrap-around deck with easily detachable steps, and gates that provide access from both sides. The gates facilitate convenient loading of pallets containing raw charge material.

Melting Furnace Platform System

Technical Details:

  • ITC New Power Supply
  • Rebuilt Steel Shell Furnace with hydraulic tilting and a hydraulic lid. Upgraded with a new inductor coil, water-cooled shunts, exhaust hood, load cells, and easy access side lead exit
  • Power: 250 kW
  • Frequency: 1200 Hz
  • Capacity: 2000 lbs [900 kg] copper
  • Melting time: less than 2h
  • Platform that is 14’ x 12’ x 32” [427 x 366 x 82 cm] wrap around deck, safety rails with a loading bay
  • Hydraulic Pump
  • Buss bar that connects to the power supply and a point near the furnace
  • Water-cooled power cables
  • OPTIONAL: Closed Dry Type Water Cooling and Recirculating System, which includes an integrated plc-based cooling system control panel and an ITC single pump module

Available for immediate shipment in our Apple Valey, CA92308, USA facility.

For more details, please do not hesitate to contact our sales teams in USA and Europe.