Aluminum Induction Melting Furnace

Apple Valley, CA – May 11, 2020 – Induction Technology Corporation recently completed a Steel Shell Furnace for aluminum melting. Paired with one of our 900 kW, low-frequency power supplies, the system is capable of melting 4,000 pounds (1.8 Tm) of aluminum in an hour with excellent stirring.

complete steel shell furnace

The in-house designed and manufactured setup will soon be shipped to a European facility of one of the leading suppliers of hard alloy extrusions for aircraft structures.

We provide a wide range of steel shell coreless induction melting furnaces with matching induction power supplies. Ranging from 1500 to more than 15,000 pounds in capacity (680 to 6,800 kg), our heavy-duty steel shell design provides economic and performance benefits. By eliminating distortion, lining life is increased and the optional hydraulic lift & swing lid gives thermal protection.

ITC proves again it can meet the most demanding requirements allowing our customers the edge they need in an ever competitive world.

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