ITC rebranding

UltraFlex Power Technologies is a leading manufacturer of highly advanced, modular induction heating equipment. The New York-based company announced the acquisition of Induction Technology Corporation (ITC) on the 1st of July 2019.  The acquisition of ITC is expected to further support UltraFlex’s vision to meet the increasing industry demands for complex induction heating and melting solutions. The new products and excellent service provided by Induction Technology Corporation will expand the product lines offered by both UltraFlex and ITC.

Induction Technology Corporation (ITC)  welcomes the new CEO, Win Ballou. Ballou has been working in the industry for the last 23 years selling and providing support for induction heating and melting equipment. “I deeply appreciate the experience and commitment of all professionals at ITC. The company has made impressive progress throughout the years, having grown organically from their founder’s garage to their new facility in Apple Valley, California and is now a major manufacturer of complete induction melting and heating systems.” – said Win Ballou, CEO of Induction Technology Corporation (ITC).

ITC is now part of UltraFlex