Custom Induction Melting Systems

Complete high frequency induction systems ideal for precious metal melting of gold, silver, platinum or ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
Systems are complete with an ITC furnace and/or custom induction coil and an UltraFlex high-frequency power supply. They are perfect when a permanent installation of equipment is not desired.

Complete tilting melting system

Nose-Tilt Furnace

Equipped with one-man Nose Tilting furnaces, with a pneumatic assist for easy pouring, and a SmartPowerTM  system which allows the simultaneous melting of different metals. All while achieving zero down-time operation and reducing maintenance costs by utilizing the benefits of SmartPowerTM.


Power cube furnance

SmartPower and the Power Cube Melting Furnace form a powerful and extremely flexible modular system which can have up to 4 furnaces connected ( with configurable 40 kW to 400 kW power output). It is energy-efficient and saves space.

Complete melting system for non-ferrous alloys

Lift & Swing Furnace

This complete melting system is equipped with a Large Lift & Swing Furnace, an energy efficient power supply(100- 300kW) and a crucible lifting basket. The furnace has a smooth lifting mechanism and a 90 degree swing which provides for complete crucible access.

Melting Furnace Platform System

Melting Furnace Platform System

The melting furnace system is complete with power supply, hydraulically tilted furnace, removable steps and gates that open on either side of the platform for easy loading of pallets containing raw materials. This system can be easily designed to accommodate additional furnaces for alternate operation.

SmartPower by UltraFlex Power
  • Modular system – configurable and field upgradable power supplies with output power from 50kW to 400kW
  • Direct Digital Step™ control algorithm
  • Wide output frequency range – two ranges available from 6kHz to 60kHz and from 40kHz to 200kHz
  • Zero down time can be achieved with an additional module (N+1)
  • Configurable to work with a single or multiple, independently controlled RF outputs from one cabinet
  • Can operate with optional heat stations allowing the furnaces to be placed remotely
  • Durable design with built-in tuning, safety and diagnostics features

Learn about the Benefits of SmartPower.


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