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Single or Dual Water Pumping Module

Designed for closed-loop type water cooling and recirculating systems.

Single Pumping Module includes 1 water pump.

Dual Pumping Module includes 1 main water pump and 1 stand-by water pump.

These water pumping modules are designed for maintaining proper water flow as the water is recirculated throughout your induction system.

Standard Features and Accessories

  • Rugged heavy duty steel frame construction
  • Completely pre-piped and pre-wired for easy installation
  • Can be used with either:
    • Dry Type Closed Circuit Cooler
    • Evaporative Type Closed Circuit Cooler
  • Close couple, all bronze or stainless steel water pump
  • 230/460 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hertz, TEFC pump motor
  • All copper or stainless steel piping
  • Isolation full-port ball valves with union or flange connectors for easy water pump replacement without draining system
  • Pressure gauges on inlet and outlet of the water pump
  • 1/2 inch FPT makeup line with with pressure regulator and relief valves
  • Bladder type expansion tank
  • Anitfreeze fill fitting on inlet side of water pump
  • Automatic Air Bleed on inlet of water pump
  • The Single Pumping Module includes Manual Motor Starters with overload protection
  • The Dual Pumping Module includes electrical P.L.C. circuitry that automatically transfers the system to stand-by water pump should main operating water pump fail
Single Pumpming Module
Single Pump Module
with propane powered back-up water pump and Deionizing Cartridge Assembly
Dual Pumping Module
Dual Pump Module
with gasoline powered back-up water pump and Deionizing Cartridge Assembly


Optional Features and Accessories

  • Can be built to operate from an 380 or 600 Volt, 50 or 60 Hertz, 3 Phase electrical source
  • Deionizer Cartridge Assembly and Water Conductivity Monitor connected to system
  • Emergency natural gasoline or propane engine driven back-up water pump
  • Full flow filter
  • Electrical enclosure panel with fuses, motor starters, and controls for water pump and cooling tower fan. Please refer to Compact Motor Control Center for more information.


Water Pump and Motor Specifications

Pumping Model Inlet/Outlet
Pipe Size (inches)
Nominal Flow
Maximum Flow
Water Pump Motor (Horsepower)
Inlet Outlet
SP-5 / DP-5 2 NPT 1½ NPT 50 @ 68 100 @ 52 5
SP-7.5 / DP-7.5 2½ NPT 2 NPT 80 @ 68 200 @ 48
SP-10 / DP-10 2½ NPT 2 NPT 100 @ 75 220 @ 54 10
SP-15 / DP-15 3 NPT 2½ NPT 175 @ 80 300 @ 61 15
DP-20 3 NPT 3 NPT 250 @ 70 450 @ 54 20


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