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Rebuilt / Reconditioned / Used Equipment

ITC stores a vast selection of used equipment at our facility. Most of the equipment listed for sale will be completly rebuilt or reconditioned, depending on customer requirements. All Items are tested for functionality and we guarantee everything to perform to your satisfaction. Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities offer the advantage of supplying our customers with equipment that is applicable to and appropriately suited for your individual melting and/or heating needs.

Should you have questions or concerns regarding whether any of the equipment listed is suitable for your specific application or compatible with your existing equipment. Please contact our sales or engineering team for free consultation. 800-828-9799 or Email:

Our Rebuilt / Reconditioned / Used equipment inventory is not limited to what is listed. We also buy and broker used induction melting and heating equipment.

Rebuilt/Used Power Supplies Available

500 kW, 1 kHz Inductotherm VIP Power Trak
     Can be rebuilt to customer specifications. Please allow 6-8 weeks. Price on request

(2)750 kW, 1 kHz ITC Power Supplies
     These are for a graphite heating application. Will be reconditioned. Allow 2-4 weeks.
    $49,000.00 each.

All equipment is thoroughly tested & guaranteed. Supplied with drawings, manuals and start up service.

Parts & service available on everything we sell.

Furnaces, Heating Coils, Water Cooling and Recirculating Systems are all available for any Power Supply.

Melting Furnaces

Rebuilt Box Furnace

Box Furnaces

Sizes up to 3000 pound nominal steel capacity

Used box furnaces will be rebuilt to suit customer production requirements.

Rebuilt Steel Shell Furnace

Steel Shell Furnaces

From sizes starting at 650 lb. nominal steel capacity up to 30,000 lb.

Used steel shell furnaces will be rebuilt to suit customer production requirements.


112.5 KVA Square D Dry Type 60 cycle 3 phase transformer.
Dimensions 24"L x 30"W x 37"H 725 lbs.
$1125.00 OBO


(2) 500 KVA 3 phase Sylvania Power Transformer
Dimensions 66"L x 42"W x 78"H 3500 lbs.
$5,000 OBO



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