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Small Lift and Swing Furnace

Ideal for steel melting investment casting operations
using a double ceraminc crucible (crucible-in-crucible)

Small lift & Swing


Standard Features

  • Up to 30 lb.steel capacity using a double ceramic crucible (crucible-in-crucuble)
  • Up to 50 lb. brass capacity using a single clay graphite, machined graphite or silicon carbide crucible for precious metal melting or non-ferrous applications
  • Smooth operation with air-over-oil hydraulic lifting mechanism
  • Lifting mechanism is designed so that furnace lifts straight up, clearing crucible before being able to swing left or right
  • Moveable foot operated control valve
  • Hydraulics are powered by single air line connected to a 100 PSI air source
  • Coil can be designed to match most existing power supplies
  • Power and water connections can be easily changed to right or left side of furnace
  • Requires no mounting or permanent installation. Furnace can be easily moved out of the way when not in use.
  • Includes a splash containment shield, refractory lined spill pan and replaceable refractory crucible pedestal





Dimensions 40 inches Wide
48 inches Deep
72 inches High (Extended)
56 inches High (Retracted)
Coil ID Up to 8½ inches
Approx. shipping weight 400 lbs.





Optional Accessory

  • Safety crucible lifting tongs

Crucible lifting tongs


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