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Custom Engineering,

Technical Support

And Aftermarket Services


ITC offers a variety of engineering, technical and aftermarket services and support to our customers

  • Full engineering design and support for new start-ups or for custom designed equipment built to suit unique applications
  • Free full technical phone support from a highly trained service technician
  • On-site initial start-up of newly installed equipment by a highly trained service technician
  • Immediate response to emergency repairs
  • On-site training on a wide variety of shop-related subjects, ranging from equipment operation and safety to maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Superior aftermarket support services
    • Coil repair, design and replacement
    • Furnace repair or partial to complete rebuild
    • Replacement parts for many OEMs
    • Preventative Maintenance Service
    • Water cooled power cables, replacement or repair
    • Used, Rebuilt or Reconditioned furnace systems and power supplies
    • Water cooling and recirculation systems
    • On-site maintenance and repair

Examples of custom designed and engineered systems

The systems pictured below are perfect for when permanent installation of equipment is not desired or for when easy mobility is needed.

Water Cooling & Recirculating
Platform System
Melting Furnace Platform System
Water Cooling and Reciculating System Platform Melting Furnace Platform
Water cooling system is a complete dual pump module with emergency back-up pump motor, compact motor control panel and open evaporative type water cooler fully assembled onto a sturdy platform.

Melting furnace system is complete with power supply, hydraulically tilted furnace, removable steps and gates that open on either side of platform for easy loading of pallets containing raw materials. System can be easily designed to accommodate additional furnaces for alternate operation of two furnaces.


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