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Remanufactured / Rebuilt Equipment


ITC's market niche in the induction equipment manufacturing industry is its product offering of remanufactured/rebuilt equipment. We offer customers the option of either rebuilding their existing induction equipment to "like new" status or purchasing all remanufactured/rebuilt equipment as opposed to buying brand new equipment.

Before the remanufacturing/rebuilding process begins, our sales and engineering departments review customer requirements for rebuilding their induction equipment or the equipment that is selected from a huge inventory of used equipment.

The rebuilding process includes completely stripping the equipment down to individual part and component level. New components and parts replace all old, damaged and obsolete parts. Exteriors are sandblasted, refabricated and then repainted. Equipment is then reassembled and sent to the testing department for thorough and complete testing for structural integrity and full functionality. The end result is equipment that looks and functions like new equipment.


Rebuilding of Furnace PowerPoint Presentation

Please click on image for more information about the rebuilding process of a standard box type furnace.



Rebuilt Steel Shell Furnace Coil

Steel Shell Coil Before Rebuilding Steel Shell Coil After Rebuilding
Before After

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