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High Frequency Micro-Melt
Melting System

Light weight table top design, high frequency solid state power supply and melt station
ideal for melting very small quantities of gold, silver, platinum and non-ferrous metals
(see "Metals" chart below)

Complete Micro-Melt System

Standard Features and Accessories

  • Complete system weighs less than 50 lbs.
  • Complete system package includes:
    • 2.4 kW kW, 150-400 kHz output Power Supply
    • External workhead with electrical power cables and water connections
    • Induction coil with high temperature insulation that easily attaches to the workhead
    • 3 free-standing graphite crucibles,
      4.4 cubic inches capacity (1-3/8" inside diameter x 3" deep)
    • Cast refractory pedestal and spill container
    • Crucible lifting tongs
Micro-Melt Station
Ambrell easyheat high frequency power supply
Crucible tongs holding crucible
  • Power Supply has a user friendly front panel programmable controller with numerous touch control features and safety interlocks
  • Melts 15 oz. of gold jewelery scrap in less than 10 minutes
  • System will melt metal filings and grindings, and sweepings from the floor
  • Can operate with various interchangeable coil sizes
  • System plugs into a standard 220 Volt, 1 Phase, 15 Amp, three-prong electrical power outlet
  • Requires less than 1.0 GPM of clean cooling water at 70-90° Fahrenheit
  • System is easy to set-up and can be ready to run within minutes after unpacking
Metal Melt Temperature (Fahrenheit) lbs./cu. in.
Gold 1945° .697
Silver 1760° .379
Aluminum 1220° .100
Copper 1981° .320
Platinum 3221° .775
Nickel 2646° .321
Zinc 786° .258

Optional Accessory

Water-to-air Heat Exchanger

Compact water-to-air heat exchanger is great for cooling the 2.4 kW Micro-Melt induction system. Operates from a 120 Volt, 1 Phase electrical source.


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