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Large Lift and Swing Furnace

For melting non-ferrous alloys in a bilge type crucibles

Large L&S Furnace

Standard Features

  • Foot operated control valve located in the front center of the furnace
  • Lifting mechanism operates from an integral or remote mounted hydraulic pump and is keyed so that furnace lifts straight up to clear crucible
  • Can be built to accommodate #50 to #225 bilge type crucible
  • In the "Up" position, the furnace swings in excess of 90 degrees to the left or right for total access to the crucible
  • Fume collector ring built into furnace (connects to customer's dust collector via flexible ducting)
Crucible lifting basket

Optional Accessory

Safety crucible lifting cradle basket and lifting "bail" for use with customer's overhead hoist.

Crucible lifting basket can be used with overhead hoist for lifting and manual two-man pouring (shown above) or manual two-man lifting and pouring (shown right).

Two-man Crucible Lifting Basket

Large L&S "down" position

Crucible size Overall Dimensions of Furnace (inches) Approximate shipping weight (lbs.)
Wide Deep Height Extended Height
Up to #100 60 36 71 93 1,500
#125 to #225 75 45-1/2 72 100 2,000
Large lift and Swing furnace system with power supply





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