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How does an induction system work?

Induction technology is the heating and/or melting of ferrous and nonferrous metals through an inductive electromagnetic field. An induction heating or melting system consists of highly conductive, heavy-wall copper tubing that is specially wound into a coil. This coil is either free standing for heating applications or placed inside of a furnace that acts like a melting pot. The coil is custom designed based upon the user’s unique heating or melting application. The design and construction of the coil is critical for achieving maximum electrical efficiency and optimum performance for each specific heating or melting application.

ITC induction equipment
Induction heating of metal part

The induction power supply generates a high electrical current that travels to the coil through flexible water-cooled power cables and/or copper buss bar. The electrical current supplied is at the proper output frequency and voltage to match the design of the melting furnace or heating coil. An electromagnetic field is then created within the center area of the copper coil and reacts with the metal that is placed in the center of the coil, thus heating it to the desired temperature. The output wattage and frequency play a factor in how hot and how fast the metal is heated as well as the depth of heat penetration. Therefore, the power supply is also custom-designed for each user’s unique heating or melting application.

Since high amounts of electricity can generate a tremendous amount of heat, the entire system is water-cooled. The water travels through the induction system via the same route as the electricity. The water is recirculated throughout the induction system by a water pumping system and is cooled by a water cooling tower. The use of induction technology for heating and/or melting metal alloys is faster and more precise in temperature than traditional furnaces, which involve heating the metal through an external means like fire, and has more widespread uses in metallurgy.

ITC Water cooling system

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