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Induction furnace melting goldITC induction melting furnaces are designed for maximum electrical efficiency using heavy walled, high electrically conductive copper tubing. The furnaces can be used with ceramic (non-conductive) crucibles or conductive crucibles such as graphite, clay graphite or silicon carbide. Our furnaces are designed for each customer's specific melting application, providing close temperature control and maximum efficiency. Furnaces can be designed for various purposes such as melting iron and steel, precious metals, ferrous and nonferrous metals; refining of high purity metal and alloys; smelting; and vacuum and controlled atmoshere melting.


Designed for melting small quantities of precious metals.

Furnace can be used for high frequency or low frequency applications.

Furnace is designed for being able to pour while still under power to prevent "freezing" of metal in the crucible.

ITC hand-held induction furnace for melting precious metals

Compact Power Cube

Designed for smaller melting applications up to 50-60 lbs. (steel capacity).

Can be constructed for one-man or two-man pouring action. For one-man pouring, the compact box furnace is mounted onto a steel frame and is tilted by attaching a hand held tilt bar. The frame can also be fitted with a hydraulic cylinder and a pneumatic air-over-oil assist for easier tiling and more control.

For two-man pouring, the compact box furnace rests on a sturdy table and is equipped with shank handles for pouring into stationary molds.

Induction nose tilt melting furnace

Power Cube

Designed for larger melting applications.

The floor mounted box furnace is installed onto stanchions. The furnace can be tilted by attaching an overhead hoist or the stanchions can be fitted with hydraulic cylinders and hand controls to tilt the furnace.

Induction box type meling furnace

EZ Lift

Designed for small nonferrous applications.

The compact box furnace is mounted onto a frame that is counter weighted and lifts the furnace up allowing the crucible to be picked up with tongs.

Induction EZ Lfit melting furnace

Small Lift & Swing

Designed as a more sophisticated version of the EZ Lift furnace.

The compact box furnace is mounted onto a hyraulic lift that raises the furnace up, allowing it to be manually swung away from the heated crucible.

Small Lift and Swing induction melting furnace

Large Lift & Swing

Designed for melting nonferrous alloys in bilge type crucibles.

The furnace is mounted onto a post that hydraulically lifts the furnace up and away from a heated crucible. The furnace can then be positioned over a second crucible for heating while the first crucible is being poured. This is great for high production applications.

Large Lift and Swing induction melting furnace

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