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High Frequency Induction Power Supply

Solid State IGBT High Frequency Power Supply
for Induction
Heating and Melting

Up to 300 kW

Frequency ranging up to 450 kHz

Ambrell high frequency power supply   Ideal for melting and heating applications that require higher frequencies. Unit pairs well with ITC smaller Power Cube box type furnaces and Compact Power Cube furnaces.
Input Power Rating 360-520 Vac
3 Phase
50/60 Hz
Water Pressure Differential (Range) 2.8-5.6 Bar
(40-80 lb/in²)
Maximum Water Temperature 95° F

Standard Features

  • Versatile with multiple capacitor and tap transformer configurations
  • Separate workhead, moveable up to 100 feet depending upon application
  • Sub-second to continuous cycle times
  • Remote operation or logging with RS485 port
  • Accepts international AC line voltages
  • User-friendly operator and system configuration front panel controls
  • Cycle timer, peak and short cycle data capture
  • Overload-tolerant output management
  • 5-language display suite (EN, ES, FR, DE, IT)
  • Has a very efficient power conversion and a power factor rating greater than 0.9 thus reducing utility   demand charges and lowering monthly energy bills
  • Power supplies are designed for efficient use of cooling water, further lowering operating costs
  • Optional Features and Accessories

  • Water Saver Tank or Chiller
  • Pendant station
  • Auto-tap selection
  • Redundant safety relays
  • Multi-workhead controller
  • eVIEW serial data reporting
  • Footswitch
  • Extended workhead cable lengths
  • Optical pyrometer (closed-looped temperature control)
  • External controller (PLC)
  • Front E-stop with retransmission

    PLEASE NOTE: Power supply is water cooled and does require connection to a water saver or chiller as a means of dissipating heat.

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