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High Frequency "Hand-Held Furnace"
Melting System

Light weight table top furnace for with high frequency solid state power supply
(see "Metals" chart below)


ITC high frequency induction melting hand-held furnace systemStandard Features

  • System includes:
    • Hand-Held furnace for melting of precious metals
    • 10 kW, 150-400 kHz output Power Supply
    • Electrical power cables and water connections
  • Operates from a 360 to 520 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 or 60 Hertz electrical source
  • Power Supply has a user friendly front panel programmable controller with numerous features and safety interlocks
  • Furnace is designed for being able to pour while still under power to prevent "freezing" of metal in the crucible.
  • For use with machined graphite, clay graphite or ceramic crucibles
  • System requires less than 4 GPM of clean cooling water at 70-90° Fahrenheit


ITC Hand-Held induction melting furnace Argon gas purge and double crucibleOptional Accessories

  • Can be designed for use with either a single crucible or double crucibles (crucible in crucible for safety)
  • Furnace can be supplied with adapter for argon gas purging
  • Compact closed-loop water "Chiller" or Water Saver Tank designed to eliminate excess water consumption and reduce water usage costs. These water cooling solutions are perfect for indoor use or for installation in small, tight spaces.


Metal Melt Temperature (Fahrenheit) lbs./cu. in.
Gold 1945 .697
Silver 1760 .379
Aluminum 1220 .100
Copper 1981 .320
Platinum 3221 .775
Nickel 2646 .321
Zinc 786 .258

Power Supply Specifications

Output Power 10 kW 15 kW
50- 150 kHz
Input Power 12 kVA 17 kVA
50 / 60 Hertz
360 - 520 Volts
3 Phase
Power Supply Dimensions 17" Wide (L-R)
25" Deep (F-B)
18" High
Approximate Weight 60 lbs.

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