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Small EZ Lift Furnace

Ideal for steel melting investment casting operations
using a double ceramic crucible (crucible-in-crucible)

Standard Features

  • Up to 30 lb. steel capacity using a double ceramic crucible (crucible-in-crucible)
  • Up to 50 lb. brass capacity using a single clay graphite, machined graphite or silicon carbide crucible for precious metal melting or non-ferrous applications
  • Furnace is counterweighted for easy up and down operation
  • Coil can be designed to match most existing power supplies
  • Requires no mounting or permanent installation. Furnace can be easily moved out of the way when not in use.
  • Replaceable refractory crucible pedestal is included
  • Cast refractory spill containment table with built in crucible pedestal positioning block
ITC EZ Lift Melting Furnace

Optional Accessory

  • Safety crucible lifting tongs

Furnace Specifications

Dimensions 35 inches Wide
24 inches Deep
72 inches High
Coil I.D. Up to 8½ inches
Approximate shipping weight 300 lbs.

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