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Water Cooling Towers, Chillers and Tanks

Since high amounts of electricity can generate a tremendous amount of heat, an entire induction system is water-cooled. We offer a variety of water cooling towers, fluid coolers and chillers ideal for cooling the water as it recirculates through your induction system. We will provide you with the best water cooling solution for ensuring that the power supplies, coils and furnaces in your induction system are being properly water cooled so that your induction equipment remains at safe temperatures during operation.

Open Wet Evaporative Type

  • Open circuit evaporative type fluid cooler
  • Water circulation pump with motor for supplying water to equipment
  • Full flow water filter to pick up airborne dirt and debris that is inherent in the operation of open evaporative cooling towers
  • Manual motor starter
  • Temperature swith to control the tower fan
RSD Open evaporative cooling tower

Closed Wet Evaporative Type

  • Closed circuit evaporative fluid cooler supplied with all copper tube heat exchanger and galvanized steel fan
  • Fluid Cooler / Water Cooling Tower includes:
    • Stainless steel sump pan
    • TEFC "high efficiency" fan motor
    • TEFC "high efficiency" sump pump motor and sump pump
  • Options for fluid cooler / water cooling tower:
    • Stainless steel upper casing
    • Sump heater package
Recold Closed loop wet  evaporative cooling tower

PLEASE NOTE: Evaporative type fluid coolers are the most economical and very efficient in cooling water. However, the evaporative process requires a minimum water bleed of 3/10 GPM for each 100 kW of induction heat load to prevent build of solids.

Closed Dry Type, Air-cooled Water Cooler

Russell closed dry type fluid cooler consisting of:

  • Heavy duty aluminum or galvanized steel casing
  • Dry cooler coil constructed with all copper tubes on a staggered tube pattern
  • Propeller fans direct driven by individual fan motors
  • Fan guards fabricated from heavy gauge steel wire and epoxy coated
  • Mounting legs
  • All fans are sized for maximum energy efficiency, minimum noise, and are individually balanced to minimize vibration
  • Fan cycling is controlled by contactors and temperature sensors
  • Motors have built-in thermal overload protection and are mounted on rigid steel supports
Russell Dry, air cooled Water Coolers

Closed Loop "Chiller" Type

Self-contained air-cooled water chiller designed for indoor installation. Chillers use a refrigeration system to cool the water and transfer the heat to the surrounding air. The ambient air temperature determines the amount of heat that can be transferred. All chillers are supplied with the necessary manifolds and up to 25 ft. of industrial-strength hose to connect to the power supply and remote heat station.

Water Chiller has the following features:

  • Compact physical suze
  • Thermoformed ABS front fascia
  • Casters for portability
  • High flow centrifugal pump
  • Powder coated steellift-off frame
  • Automatic water make-up system
  • Large capacity insultated non-ferrous reservior - easy to keep clean
  • Brazed plate evaporator
  • Digital electronic controls
  • Fan motor - high capacity, exhausts hot air upwards for a cooler working environment
Water Chiller

Water Saver Tank and Recirculator

ITC designed and manufactured Water Saver Tank and Recirculator is an inexpensive solution to cooling water. Ideal for cooling smaller induction systems, its compact design is perfect for use in smaller areas where installation of our standard water pumping modules and cooling towers is not feasible.

The Water Saver Tank and Recirculator system is designed to maintain constant water pressure to your induction equipment so that your equipment is not subject to fluctuations in city water pressure, which can cause problems with equipment performance.

Water Saver Tank and Recircualtor has the following features:

  • Water Pump, 2 Hp, 60 Hz, 480 Vac, 20 GPM @ 50 PSI
  • Stainless Steel tank and water pump to prevent rust and corrosion
  • Approximate 80 gallon capacity water tank
  • Pedistal mounted motor starter for easy operation
  • Temperature controlled solenoid make up valve with manual bypass for allowing colder fresh water to enter the system thus flushing the hotter water out of the tank
  • Adjustable water temperature sensor that activates solenoid make-up valve
ITC Water Saver Tank
System Dimensions 24" x 42" x 40"
Water Tank Dimensions 24" x 24" x 36"
Input Power 460 Vac or 230 Vac
3 Phase
Water Inlet & Outlet Connections (4) 3/4" NPT Inflow return from equipment
1/2" NPT Inlet from City Water
1" NPT Outflow feed to equipment
3" NPT hot water overflow drain outlet
1/2" Manual Drain

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