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Compact Power Cube Furnace

Up to 50 lb. (Steel) Capacity

Ideal for small melting applications such as non-ferrous steel or precious metals
using a ceramic, clay graphite or silicon carbide crucible

Standard Features

  • I changed this Heavy duty, high conductivity coil custom designed to match most existing power supplies
  • Direct power lead connection eliminates problems with terminal clamps
Metal Melt Temperature (Fahrenheit) lbs./cu. in.
Gold 1945° .697
Silver 1760° .379
Aluminum 1220° .100
Copper 1981° .320
Platinum 3221° .775
Nickel 2646° .321
Zinc 786° .258

To better suit customer requirements, three (3) main styles are available.

One Man Manual Tilt

This furnace is mounted on a heavy duty steel frame. It is equipped for one-man pouring with the pivot point near the center of the furnace for easy tilting.

One man tilt induction box melting furnace

One Man Nose Tilt with Pneumatic Assist

The furnace is mounted on a heavy duty steel frame and is equipped for one-man pouring. The furnace has the pivot point near the nose of the furnace for accurate pouring. This furnace includes an air-over-oil hydraulic cylinder for easy tilt assistance.

Hydraulically nose tilt induction melting furnace

Two Man Shank Pour with Table

Furnace is mounted on heavy duty steel frame table and is designed for two-man pouring into stationary molds. Flexible water-cooled power cables allow movement from table to mold with power "on" to eliminate loss of temperature.

Two man shank pour induction melting furnace

Furnace Diagram
Specifications (in inches)

Furnace Capacity (steel)

5 lbs. 12 lbs. 17 lbs. 30 lbs. 50 lbs.
Furnace Capacity (cubic in.) 32 62 82 176 238
A 12¼ 12¼ 12¼ 12¼ 13¼
B 14½ 14½ 14½ 14½ 17¼
C 7 1/8
D 10¾ 10¾ 10¾ 10¾ 13½
E 5
F 3 3/8
G 6 7 8 11
Box Width 12¾ 12¾ 12¾ 12¾ 13½
Approx. Weight of Furnace 75 lbs. 80 lbs. 80 lbs. 85 lbs. 102 lbs.

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