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ITC has partnered with Ambrell to provide efficient and effective induction heating systems and melting systems using high frequency solid state power supplies. Through the business alliance formed with Ambrell, we have broadened the range of induction systems available to our customers.


Ambrell EquipmentAbout Ambrell

Ambrell has more than 25 years of induction heating experience and has installed over 10,000 systems in more than 50 countries. Ambrell has extensive experience designing, manufacturing, and installing induction heating systems. Ambrell's extensive technical expertise means that you will receive an efficient and reliable induction heating system using modern MOSFETS or IGBT's that will deliver the best possible value for your induction heating and high frequency melting requirements.


For your induction heating or high frequency melting applications, ITC will consult with Ambrell to propose the most suitable melting furnace or heating coil to be used with an Ambrell power supply that meets your heating or melting rates as well as your budget.


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Ambrell Corporate Office
39 Main Street
Scottsville, NY 14546
tel: +1 585 889 9000
fax: +1 585 889 4030

High Frequency Melting Systems Brochure

Micro-Melt System

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Complete high frequency induction systems ideal for precious metal melting of gold, silver, platinum, or ferrous and non-ferrous metals.