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"MVP" Induction Power Supply

ITC Designed and Manufactured Solid State Power Supply
for Induction
Heating and Melting

15 kW to 75 kW

3,000 Hz to 9,600 Hz

15 to 75 kw Power Supply  
Power Rating 460 Volts
3 Phase
50/60 Hz
Cabinet Dimensions 36" Wide (L-R)
24" Deep (F-B)
75" High
Approximate shipping weight 1,200 lbs.

75 kW MVP Power Supply with door open

Standard Features

  • Designed and constructed for easy operation and low maintenance

  • High electrical efficiency

  • Single electronic Logic Control Board

  • Cabinet enclosure is constructed from 12 gauge steel and has a NEMA 12 rating

  • All components are readily accessible through a front door for easy service and maintenance

  • Cabinet can be flush mounted against a wall, no rear access is required

  • Output power connection can exit out of the lower left or lower right side of the cabinet

  • Three Phase SCR controlled Electronic Circuit Interrupter shuts the power off in the event of an inverter or furnace failure. This prevents the loss of expensive fuses, damage to the circuit breaker and protects inverter components.

  • Diagnostic lights in the front panel monitor electronic controls and safety interlocks

  • High quality design is user and maintenance friendly

Optional Features and AccessoriesPouring from Hand-Held Furnace

  • Two furnaces can be operated alternately with an air operated "double pole/ double throw" selector switch

  • A closed loop water system to protect all power supply components from dirt and electrolysis. The system, which can be built as an enclosed attachment to the outside of the cabinet (as shown in pictures above) or supplied on a free standing frame, cools all internal components with low conductivity distilled water. A required external water cooling source cools the internal system plate type heat exchanger, and furnace(s) or heating coil.

  • Electrical Ground and Molten Metal Leak Detectior for continuous monitoring and dectection of molten metal penetrating the induction coil, excessive moisture being present in the furnace lining, and low ground resistence in the isolation transformer. If the unit detects any of these possible occurrences, it will immediately notify the operator.Programmable Logic Touch Screen Controls

  • Remote Control Panel for remote operation of the power supply.The Remote Control Panel can include an optional Circuit Monitor Assembly.

  • Logic can be interfaced with Programmable Logic Control (PLC) "touch screen" controls (shown right).

  • Meter Panel Assembly can be supplied with either analog meters or digital meters (shown below).

    Digital Meter Panel



POwer Supply Testing

Why choose ITC ?

ITC strives to provide high quality equipment at competitive prices. To ensure that we ship only high quality equipment to our customers, all power supplies undergo complete function and electrical testing under power. During the testing process, all safety and interlocks are tested and set, and when possible, the customer’s furnace load is simulated for optimum performance.


Important Note About Cooling Water

Controlling water quality is the “Secret” to trouble free operation and long life of induction equipment. Severe damage from electrolysis, scaling, blockage and overheating can result from poor water quality. The best way to prevent these problems is with a Closed Loop Water Cooling and Recirculation System where water conductivity and cleanliness can be maintained. ITC can offer the correct cooling system based on your geographical location and specific usage. The proper cooling system will extend the life of the equipment, reduce down time and maintenance costs.

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